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Campaign : United Nations Global Peace Education Day

Although the United Nations has established more than 150 international days for different humanitarian themes,  there is no day dedicated solely to the theme of peace education.

Because peace is central to the UN’s mission,  a special day should be declared to promote peace education throughout the world.


Please join our campaign for an official UN Global Peace Education Day.



  • To campaign for an official UN Peace Education Day
  • To host an annual Global Peace Education Conference
  • To demonstrate the positive impact of peace education upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • To assemble a global network of peace educators

2nd Global Peace Education Day Virtual Conference


20th September 2022

The 2nd Global Peace Education Day virtual conference gathers peace advocates and educators, officials and dignitaries, scholars and scientists, civic leaders and clergy, artists and entertainers to showcase practical approaches to sharing peace skills.

The Conference will be available in English, French and Spanish.

Click here to discover the programme and schedule.

FEATURING Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury:
Distinguished Speaker: Founder, Global Movement for The Culture of Peace; Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN



Keynote Speakers

Some of the powerful list of peacemakers and peacebuilders presenting at this year’s virtual conference.



Founder, Global Movement for a Culture of Peace; Former Undersecretary General of the United Nations; Former President, UN Security Council

Monica Willard

UN Representative, United Religions Initiative

Tony Jenkins PhD

Managing Director, IIPE; Coordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education; Lecturer, Justice and Peace Studies, Georgetown University

Aixa Portero y de la Torre PhD

Fine Arts Professor, University of Granada

Stephane Monney-Mouandjo PhD

Directeur Général, Centre Africain de Formation et de Recherche Administrative pour le Développement (CAFRAD)

Kehkashan Basu

Founder/President, Green Hope Foundation, Climate Reality Mentor, Former Global Coordinator for Children and Youth, UNEP MGFC, and a UN Human Rights Champion.

Prof Karim Errouaki PhD

Minister of Finance and International Development, The State of African Diaspora

Kozue Akibayashi PhD

Professor at Doshisha University Graduate School of Global Studies, in Kyoto, Japan, and a member of the WILPF. Okinawan Women Act Against Military Violence

Doudou Diene

Former UN Special Rapporteur on Forms of Racism & Intolerance

Lisa Worth Huber PhD

President of the National Peace Academy; member, Advisory Council for the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence; trainer for the UnGUN Institute: Collective Trauma Healing Through the Arts; adjunct professor, Western Connecticut State.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza

Founder, Culture of Peace Foundation; Former Director General, UNESCO

Steven Killilea AM

Founder & Executive Chairman, The Charitable Foundation; Institute for Economics and Peace

Ambassador Amat Al Alim Alsoswar

Former Minister of Human Rights, Yemen; Former Yemeni Ambassador to the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark;. former UN Assistant Secretary General, UNDP Assistant Administrator, and Regional Director of the Arab States Bureau

Bishop Horace J Smith MD

Bishop, Chicago Apostolic Faith Church

Garry Jacobs

President and CEO, World Academy of Art & Science; Chairman of the Board and CEO, World University Consortium; President, The Mother’s Service Society

Gina Langton MAMBM FRSA

Founder of 80,000 Voices Ltd, one of the partners of ICAN (the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons), which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017

Reiner Braun

Executive Director and Co-President Emeritus of the International Peace Bureau, main organizer IPB World Congress

Prem Rawat

Peace educator; Author; Founder, The Prem Rawat Foundation; honorary Ambassador of Peace for European Parliament’s Brussels Declaration, and for UNIPAZ, Brasilia, Brazil.

Ouided Bouchamaoui

2015 Nobel Peace Laureate, President, Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA)

Click here for details of all the speakers and the conference schedule


Virtual Conference Schedule





Section 1


Call for a UN Global Peace Education Day.    
Why should the United Nations should establish an official Global Peace Education Day? What will people gain from a new global day? Civil society leaders voice their reasons.

Section 2


Culture of Peace
What skills and knowledge do we need to build a culture of peace on a healthy planet? Some leading voices offer examples.

Section 3


Restoring Humanity
What skills must we learn to support more than a million people forced to flee their homes by conflict, climate change and persecution? Can peace education make us more human?

Section 4


Peace and Justice
"No justice, no peace."  How do we create a culture that offers peace, prosperity and dignity to every human being?  How will peace education help us to face prejudice and injustice?  How do we make equality reality?

Section 5


Peace and Leadership
How do peacebuilding skills merge with global economics to promote a culture of peace? How will peace education stop the scourge of prejudice and violence?

Section 6


Peace and Planet
The UN Secretary General warns that “we’re sleepwalking toward climate catastrophe.” How can education reverse this trend? Young global activists showcase solutions

Section 7


Arts and Peace
The language of the arts flows through borders and transforms lives. How do arts and culture nurture peace skills? Our artists offer a creative exploration.

Section 8


Peace and War
Nuclear holocaust is closer than ever before.  Armed conflicts are raging in 27 countries, with civilian populations mistreated by the military.  How can peace education help end the threat of war?.


Thanks to our partners for making this event FREE to attend


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In order to build a culture of peace on a healthy planet, the Global Peace Education Network connects peace educators and communities, advocates peace education policies and programs, and campaigns for an official United Nations Global Peace Education Day.


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