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Join us on the 20th September 2023 for a special online forum.

Global Peace Education Forums supports individuals and organisations interested in delivering peace education.

Participants will learn more about the resolution for a UN Global Day for Peace Education, discover current examples of how peace education works at community levels, and connect with others in the field.

Our goal is for participants to feel re-energised and informed, and be better equipped to provide high quality peace education programmes in their community.


Online Forum Goals

To increase awareness about the need for a UN Global Peace Education Day

  • By informing participants about the draft resolution for a UN Global Day for Peace Education, to be submitted to the UN General Assembly (petition)
  • By empowering and encouraging people to see their signature on this petition as their effort to bring a culture of peace into the world

To demonstrate current efforts in peace education and what makes them successful

  • By sharing current approaches and good practice and ways to implement them in local communities, such that participants feel reinvigorated and recharged as a result
  • By providing access to curriculums, materials and other resources, such that these offer opportunities and ways to connect and collaborate after the day

To connect peace educators and create a culture of peace

  • Bringing peace makers together to reflect on what works in creating a culture of peace, and what has been achieved in the field of peace education

Provide an engaging format that maximises participation

  • By providing a livestream to the event and offering three language options (English, French and Spanish)



Who should attend

Education professionals, lay Individuals and organisations interested in the topic of peace education, delivering peace education, or are concerned with one of the peace themes.

Professionals may include representatives from –

  • Government Institutions, academia, school, and justice systems
  • Humanitarian organisations and NGOs
  • UN organisations: e.g. UNESCO, UNICEF, UN Women, UNHCR, and more
  • Corporate, commercial and industry organisations, for example members of the UN global compact

The Global Peace Education Network connects and gathers peace advocates and educators aligned to the UN Strategic Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Officials and Dignitaries
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Coaches and Facilitators
  • Learning and Development Specialists
  • Scholars and Scientists
  • Civic Leaders and Clergy
  • Artists and Entertainers

Our Purpose

In order to build a culture of peace on a healthy planet, the Global Peace Education Network connects peace educators and communities, advocates peace education policies and programs, and campaigns for an official United Nations Global Peace Education Day.


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