Peace Education Day Virtual Conference

Credit Where Credit is Due

This conference was brought to you by a fantastic team of people. Thank you to everyone:

Conference Chair 

GABRIELA RAMOS, Assistant Director-General for the Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO

Conference Host

MICHAEL NOURI, International screen, stage and TV actor; goodwill ambassador for Seeds of Peace.

Conference Advisors

AMBASSADOR ANWARUL CHOWDHURY, Founder, Global Movement for a Culture of Peace; former Undersecretary General of the United Nation

PROFESSOR DR. KARIM ERROUAKI, Minister of Finance and Development, State of African Diaspora

ALBERTO GUERRERO FERNANDEZ, Presidente, Federacion Española de Asociaciones Centros y Clubes para la UNESCO (FECU)

FREDERICO MAYOR ZARAGOZA, Founder, Foundation for a Culture of Peace; former Director General, UNESCO

PROFESSOR TONY JENKINS, Managing Director of the International Institute of Peace Education (IIPE), Coordinator of the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE)

Executive Producer

DAVID WEINBERG, Executive Producer,; President, GCTV


DARLENE SHELTON, Executive Producer,; Executive Director, Emancipation Institute

Business Manager

HELEN CATON HUGHES, Managing Director, The Forton Group

Protocol Chair

ELENA LOPEZ VALCARCEL, Vicepresidenta, Federacion Española de Asociaciones Centros y Clubes para la UNESCO (FECU); General Manager, Malaga Club for UNESCO

Partnership Chair

BILL MCCARTHY, Founder and President, Unity Foundation; Host, Positive Spin

Arts and Culture Co-Chairs

ALLA ROGERS, Owner, Rogers & Associates; Director, Rogers Art Services

TUCKER ROBBINS, Eco-socio-entrepreneur

Outreach Chairs

NANCY IZAK, Independent Wholesale, Chile

MARC LEVITTE, Conseil en management, France

Production Manager

RICHARD J. GRODEN, CEO, Island Sky Corporation

Technical Manager

JIM O’BRIEN, President, Aveco


Information Technology Manager

STEPHEN KOWARSKY, CEO, Three Pillars Communities, Inc.

Graphics Consultant

JOHN SLOWSKY, John Slowsky Creative Excellence


PETE ROSSETTI, Owner, Perfect Hosts

Legal Advisors

MARIA ALTIERI, Attorney at Law

LINDA GROSS, Attorney at Law

Music Coordinator

CANDICE WILMORE, Owner, Big Barn Productions





Our Purpose

In order to build a culture of peace on a healthy planet, the Global Peace Education Network connects peace educators and communities, advocates peace education policies and programs, and campaigns for an official United Nations Global Peace Education Day.


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