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Section 1


Call for a UN Global Peace Education Day.    
Why should the United Nations should establish an official Global Peace Education Day? What will people gain from a new global day? Civil society leaders voice their reasons.

Section 2


Culture of Peace
What skills and knowledge do we need to build a culture of peace on a healthy planet? Some leading voices offer examples.

Section 3


Restoring Humanity
What skills must we learn to support more than a million people forced to flee their homes by conflict, climate change and persecution? Can peace education make us more human?

Section 4


Peace and Justice
"No justice, no peace."  How do we create a culture that offers peace, prosperity and dignity to every human being?  How will peace education help us to face prejudice and injustice?  How do we make equality reality?

Section 5


Peace and Leadership
How do peacebuilding skills merge with global economics to promote a culture of peace? How will peace education stop the scourge of prejudice and violence?

Section 6


Peace and Planet
The UN Secretary General warns that “we’re sleepwalking toward climate catastrophe.” How can education reverse this trend? Young global activists showcase solutions

Section 7


Arts and Peace
The language of the arts flows through borders and transforms lives. How do arts and culture nurture peace skills? Our artists offer a creative exploration.

Section 8


Peace and War
Nuclear holocaust is closer than ever before.  Armed conflicts are raging in 27 countries, with civilian populations mistreated by the military.  How can peace education help end the threat of war?.

Our Purpose

In order to build a culture of peace on a healthy planet, the Global Peace Education Network connects peace educators and communities, advocates peace education policies and programs, and campaigns for an official United Nations Global Peace Education Day.


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